Corporate law

Borsboom & Hamm advises companies on numerous legal issues that they could be confronted with, such as:

  • the incorporation, structuring and restructuring of a company;
  • the drafting of contracts such as shareholders’ agreements;
  • the financing of the company;
  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • the conclusion or termination of cooperation agreements;
  • disputes or the prevention of disputes and stalemates.

Corporate procedural law:
Should a dispute lead to legal action, the Borsboom & Hamm Corporate Law Practice Group can assist you. Entreprise proceedings that companies most have contend to with are:

  • shareholders’ disputes;
  • acquisition claims (www.overnameclaims.nl);
  • directors’ and officers’ liability (www.bestuurdersaansprakelijkheid.nl);
  • the liability of advisors, accountants, lawyers and civil-law notaries;
  • inquiry proceedings brought before the Netherlands Enterprise Court of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal (www.enqueteprocedures.nl); and
  • disputes between joint venture partners.

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