Weena 614, 3012 CN Rotterdam
P.O. Box 293, 3000 AG Rotterdam

The entrance to the Parking Garage (Central Plaza Parking) is situated on the Kruisstraat 13, 3012 CV Rotterdam (behind de Doelen).

You can park in the Parking Garage on floor -1 or -2. Please ring in the parking garage at the entrance “Offices Tower A” and call the reception of Borsboom & Hamm by using the arrow keys (see photo below). The receptionist opens the door to the elevator. Enter floor 9 into the elevator-display and you will arrive directly at Borsboom & Hamm on the 9th floor.

General information

Borsboom & Hamm N.V.
att. Mrs. S.H. Nieborg
P.O. Box 293
3000 AG Rotterdam
Phone: +31-10 201 29 39
Fax: +31-10 201 29 49

Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam nr. 24320104
VAT nr. NL-8099.11.838.B.01